Quality Statement:

At Filowire we understand the importance of quality and dependability. Even though we only manufacture un-insulated products, we have a good understanding of the further processes involved in making a final insulated cable. We are well aware of the typical nuisances encountered, for example during extrusion when strand quality and tolerance are not of the highest grade or even lack in cleanliness. With Filowire being a new facility, new in the sense of modern state-of-the-art technology, and maintained in such a manner, our process inherently produces quality consistent products. We understand the effectiveness of an efficient process and intend to provide our customers the same opportunity, through our quality and reliable products and services.

Filowire currently is not registered to any formal International standards but follows or exceeds many of the required practices. With the assistance of advisors specialized in quality assurance, we have developed our in-house Document and Quality Control procedure as well as Calibration procedures. We feel confident in our process and products as we have been approved by several major customers with very tight policies.

Apart from our typical quality checks such as weight/length measurements, elongation testing and O.D. measurements, we offer more in-depth analysis to assure quality.

DC Resistance Analysis
Typically resistance values are mathematically calculated by formula using sample weight and factors. For a more precise measurement we physically measure DC resistance of a 1 meter length sample using a Kelvin Bridge. Measurements are temperature compensated and scaled to customer specified units.

Flex Testing
For high reliability products, we can also perform flex life testing according to several trade methods.

Batch Traceability
Full material traceability throughout our process including vendor provided raw material certificates. Each package is marked with a unique barcode serial number and stored in a database containing quality test results.

Sample Archiving</
For our High-Tech products we offer sample archiving for future reference. Samples of each reel are preserved and archived for minimum 1 year, or as specified by customer.

Other Testing
Spectrochemical analysis, electronic scanning, electronic microscope analysis and other special testing as required.