About Filowire

FILOWIRE, Inc. is a family owned bare copper and tin plated wire manufacturing facility located in Carrollton, GA. Filowire is in operation since December 2005 and was designed as a flexible, automated, modern facility to provide clean, high precision high quality products. Such quality and dependability is not only required in demanding applications as with Oil Well instrumentation or Automobile Safety, but also necessary with Consumer applications.

Our background in the bare wire fabrication industry dates back far beyond (early 1990) the introduction of Filowire through affiliate GBC Technologies, Inc., which has led a significant role in copper production and the development\manufacturing of wire drawing equipment for over 30 years. We have incorporated the experience gained over the years into the design of our current equipment, facility and process giving a new aspect on modern wire drawing and wire fabrication. All of our equipment is of the most modern available and equipped with the latest features and technology. Some of the equipment is unique to Filowire, designed and developed in part by us. This allows our facility to be more automated and efficient, maintaining high quality and repeatability with less overhead.

Personnel are a key factor at Filowire. Members of the family owned business play an important role in developing modern, state-of-the-art equipment such as multiwire, high speed bunching and related accessories. The personnel operating our machinery are very skilled and dedicated with continuous training and orientation programs.

Filowire produces bare and tin plated copper wire products ranging from single-end solid and multi-wire parallel to bunched multi-strand conductors. We manufacture according to common standards such as ASTM or IEC metric specifications, as well as provide custom engineering and design. Filowire specializes in working with customers who require non-standard sizes or custom applications. Our flexibility allows us to easily handle large bulk orders but at the same time maintain short lead times for customers with small requirements or emergency orders.