Our Products

Our products range in uses:
  • Commercial/residential buildings supplying power, lighting, communications
  • Automobiles and Commercial/Consumer Appliance
  • Powering sub-sea specialty equipment and instruments for natural resource exploration
  • Communication Cable
  • Aerospace bare or tinned copper wire

Markets Served

Industrial and Energy

Filowire, Inc. provides quality wire products to the Industrial and Energy sectors for high demand applications such as; Oil and natural gas exploration, Wind power generation, Electrical utilities, Communications, Industrial automation, Elevator cables and Building wire.

Automotive and Appliance

Filowire, Inc. provides durable wire products used in the Automotive and Appliance industries such as; Automotive sensors and wire harness, Battery cables, Household and Commercial appliance, Power and extension cords.


Filowire, Inc. produces high demand wire and cable for Aerospace applications.